Rory Neil’s Aviation Nursery

Rory Neil is six weeks old and I have finally finished his aviation nursery. (Better late than never, right?) When I found out that we were having a boy, I was clueless as to how I wanted to decorate. My daughter’s nursery, with all things pink and girly, came much easier of course! After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I stumbled upon Jennifer’s nursery at MommyBeta. I fell in love with the airplane wall she had designed above her son’s crib. With my husband’s career in the Air Force, aviation was a perfect theme for my Rory. I re-created her look and then let my imagination go from there.

Baby Boy Nursery

Decor Details

Luckily, I was able to find the airplane wall decals on Etsy. The galvanized letters were not as easy to find. They were on sale at Michael’s but were out of the letter “Y” both in store and online. Of course. Enter Etsy to save the day. I reached out to MockingbirdCottage on Etsy and asked if she could make the letters without the rust look added to it and they were good to go! Another alternative is always to DIY and Her View From Home has a great tutorial using paper mache letters and a little spray paint.

Baby Boy Nursery

For the rest of Rory’s nursery, I knew I wanted to stick with a gray, light blue, and navy theme with a red accent thrown here and there. His room is also pretty small, so a big bookshelf was not going to work. Instead, these DIY rain gutter bookshelves from Sunshine on the Inside worked perfectly for a small wall. They are functional, look great, and have stood up to the test of my eager three-year-old. Parenting win-win.

rain gutter bookshelves

Baby Boy Nursery

One of my favorite features of his nursery came by accident. I was browsing on Target for something completely different and stumbled upon this Adventure Awaits sign. It had the gray, navy, and red colors and of course it works perfectly for a baby boy aviation nursery in Alaska. Then I added a few adorable airplane coat hooks underneath. How’s that for practicality and keeping with the aviation nursery theme!

Baby Boy Nursery

If you’ve ever lived overseas, then I probably don’t have to tell you that getting this dresser (and the crib) to our home in Alaska was an adventure itself. Initially it is not the one that I wanted (of course they didn’t ship that set up here), but when all is said and done I like the way it works in the room.

Baby Boy Nursery

Another awesome Etsy find and another customized request. I had this sign printed with the accent color red for just a pop of color on an otherwise white wall.

Baby boy nursery

Baby Boy Nursery

So far, the only one sleeping in here is the cat, who seems to think that the crib is his new bed. I’m not ready for Rory to move in quite yet, but that’s okay. This room already has so many memories and so much love, it is easily my favorite room in the house.

Large DIY Chalkboard for Apartments or Temporary Living

This DIY chalkboard was so simple to make and looks beautiful hanging on our wall where we had nothing but a big white space before. My daughter absolutely loves it and it is something that we can enjoy doing together. Most of all, this tutorial is that it was designed to come off of the wall so that taking it down for moving is fast and easy! As a military family who is moving around every 2 – 3 years, this was a big deal for us!


DIY chalkboard



Supplies Needed:

  • 1/4in MDF (2 pieces that measure 2ft wide x 4 ft tall each)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • 1 x 6 ft long 2×4
  • Liquid Nails
  • Mechanical Caulk Gun
  • Large/medium clamps
  • 4 x 6ft baseboard trim
  • Black paint for trim (or desired color)
  • 4 x 2in screws
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Table saw
  • 2 x 5in hangman’s brackets


DIY chalkboard materials

I was lucky enough to score these two chalkboards already put together from a local yard sale site for only $15, but you can DIY by painting the MDF boards with the chalkboard paint.


DIY chalkboard


Next, cut the 2×4 into 8in sections (or longer, just not shorter). Apply the liquid nails to the 2×4 section and center it on the edge of the 2 MDF boards, press firmly, and apply a large clamp. Once this is dry, flip the board over and repeat on the bottom side.


DIY chalkboard glue


Measure the baseboard trim so that the points of your 45 degree angles meet at the edge of your boards. Cut 45 degree angles at both sides (this should be around the 4ft mark).


DIY chalkboard trim


After these are completed, add your paint. We chose black for ours!


DIY chalkboard paint


Next, glue the center board, we used a 2×6 because that is what we had available, but the 2×4 will work fine. This board will hold the hangman’s bracket. Apply pressure once the board is centered on the back of the chalkboard and let this dry completely. We also glued boards in the corners to hold it away from the wall.


DIY chalkboard assembly


Finally, use liquid nails and large-medium clamps to place the trim around the edge of the chalkboard. It is best to do this after it is hung, that way your clamps are free from obstruction. Just remember the hangman’s brackets are in the center, so we measured 3 ft from the floor so that the bottom of the chalkboard was 1 ft from the floor and perfect toddler height. Lastly, we put screws through the bottom edge 2x4s to stabilize it against the wall. It’s important to note that there are no screws going through the chalkboard!


DIY Chalkboard finished


Here is the finished product ready to go! We did it this way so that when we move, my husband can simply remove the stabilizing screws, lift the whole sturdy chalkboard off of the wall, remove the bracket, and pack.


DIY chalkboard done


What did you guys think? I would love to see how everyone’s turned out so leave a comment!

Sophia Jayne’s Nursery

With baby number two’s due date only seven weeks away (eek!), I’ve found myself reminiscing more and more about the baby days with our daughter. That is, what I can remember. Those first 8 weeks were mostly spent in a zombie-like state of exhaustion. I do, however, remember the excitement that came with decorating her nursery. Never mind the fact that our budget was almost non-existent in those days or that little move to Korea we made just two months after she was born, I was determined to have the perfect nursery!


baby girl nursery


A lot of the projects in here came from Pinterest-inspired DIY crafts and garage sale finds. That rocking chair is a $20 find my husband nabbed off of Craigslist!


Nursery Rocking Chair


The crystal baby mobile might be my favorite part of her nursery. It was affordable, beautiful, and something special that my husband and I made for her together one night while binge watching Netflix. You can find the tutorial and inspiration at God Bless {Our} Nest. In fact, our daughter is 3 years old now and this piece has survived traveling around the world and still hangs in her room.


Nursery Mobile




I wanted to keep the design simple and the colors girly without being overloaded with pink.


Baby Girl Nusery


Baby Girl Nursery


Baby Girl Outfit


Now I am about finished decorating our son’s nursery, which has been fun, but I have to admit, I do miss the pink accents and frilly dresses!


Baby Girl Room

DIY Sand & Water Table

After a very long, dark, and cold Alaskan winter stuck inside the house, I knew that I wanted my little’s main birthday present to be something that we could enjoy together as a family outside. I didn’t know what I was looking for exactly, but after scouring Pinterest for ideas, I stumbled across this beautiful DIY sand and water table from Bumble & Bean.


Not only is this project simple and beautiful, but it is affordable and something that my daughter will love without being an eyesore on the front porch. My husband added a few touches to our version including a ledge for her toys while she is playing and a shelf underneath that I plan to eventually use for sand and water toy storage.

Sand and water table3

All in all, this project cost us $60 for all of the supplies and one weekend of my husband working diligently in the garage.

It is finally starting to heat up here in Alaska and we have been using this DIY sand and water table almost every weekend! My daughter loves to dig, build sand castles, and give her mermaids adventures in the water. Clean-up is as easy and snapping the lids on, which also keeps the bird-sized mosquitoes and others critters we have here away! We’ve had several people ask where we bought this and after looking at similar models on-line, I prefer ours to any you can find in a store!